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The History Of Wilton Armetale

Susquehanna Castings

Susquehanna Castings

Begun in 1892 by the Wilton Family in Wrightsville, PA, along the Susquehanna River, Susquehanna Castings was a foundry located across the street from the Wilton family lime kiln company known as Stacy Wilton Lime Company.

Due to the crossroads nature of the town of Wrightsville, where the north/south Susquehanna Canal and the east/west railroad lines converged, along with a bridge crossing the shallow but wide river, the foundry utilized the iron ore deposits shipped down the river and converted it into products for sale to a wide variety of industries throughout the region, including novelty items for consumers.

Susquehanna Castings was merged into the Wilton Brass Company (later Wilton Armetale) in the mid-1960s.

Wilton Products

The origin date of this company is unknown but believed to be approximately 1935. It was the immediate separate but overlapping successor to Susquehanna Castings when Susquehanna Castings made iron products, while Wilton Products decorated them. Started by the Wilton family and presided over by Mr. Ralph (Bud) Wilton, Jr. this company produced painted iron objects for industry and consumers.

Popular throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the items included bottle openers, trivets, candle holders, and a wide variety of novelty items including mechanical banks. The items were hand painted and produced in Wrightsville, PA and Santa Barbara, CA.

Presided over by Mr. Henry Wilton (brother of Mr. Ralph (Bud) Wilton) from the 1950s until its close in 1989, the company was best known during its last 35 years for its wall decorations, garden plaques and novelty items. Many of the original designs and objects produced by Wilton Products are occasionally reintroduced as Armetale brand products as part of the American Inspirations division.

Wilton Brass

Established in 1954, the Wilton Brass Company located at 18th and Franklin streets in Columbia, Pennsylvania, offered brass objects made for industry and consumers. This company was a collaboration between Mr. Frederick M. Wilton and his nephew, Mr. Ralph (Bud) Wilton. In 1963 this company developed another metal from an aluminum based alloy which it called 'Armetale'. By the late 1960s the 'Armetale' brand products overshadowed the brass offerings. The company continued to be known as the 'Wilton Brass Company' until well into the 1980s.